About the study Safety and Disaster Management

Master's degree program

Safety and Disaster Management

The Master's degree program Safety and Disaster Management places special emphasis on the development of interdisciplinary competence. The prerequisite of which is a sound multidisciplinary education in the anticipation of risks and the management of disasters. Teaching is research-led, oriented towards current social challenges and encourages critical reflection. Challenging times need outstanding personalities!

Open to all disciplines

The interdisciplinary study

Increasingly, we are confronted with systemic risks that are very difficult to manage due to their high complexity and cascading effects, among other factors. We need to learn to deal with uncertainties responsibly and to design processes in such a way that a societal assessment of risk is possible. These very demanding management tasks require a lot of technical and social competence as well as the willingness for interdisciplinary cooperation.
We teach from the disciplines HUMAN, ECONOMY, ENGINEERING, NATURE and link in targeted interdisciplinary seminars and trainings at the interfaces. Our students are confronted with the possibilities and challenges of integrating different forms of knowledge and practice interdisciplinary communication.

Skills acquisition

Qualification profile

The objective of the Master's Program Safety and Disaster Management at the University of Leoben is the acquisition of subject-specific and interdisciplinary qualifications for preliminary scientific education and professional qualification. Graduates of the Master's Program Safety and Disaster Management acquire the following qualifications:

  • Communicative and interdisciplinary competencies
  • Methods
  • Specific hazard and safety knowledge
  • Knowledge about regulations, management and leadership
Operational and strategic

Possible occupational fields

In accordance with the possible professional fields, the study program is designed to prepare students for the activities of risk and disaster management, in private and public institutions, in national and international companies and organizations. Graduates are prepared for operational and especially strategic tasks involving the anticipation of risks, the development of preventive measures and crisis management, including communication. In large corporations, they assume specific staff positions for security and risk management, while in smaller companies they competently assist the management in these matters. In the regulatory environment, risk and disaster managers take on the management of specific departments and units at national or international level.

Statements unserer Studierenden

The study opens up new perspectives for me by talking to experts in the field of process and plant engineering. I am convinced that I will be able to show my customers even better solutions in the area of employee protection in the future.

Independent security guard

Since a further increase in natural hazards can be assumed with rising global warming, profound changes in disaster management will also be necessary. The study prepares me for these changes and gives me the opportunity to advise communities professionally in a multi-layered way.

Climate Protection Officer of the Province of Styria

The interdisciplinary approach enables me to advise my clients even better with regard to business interruptions and in the production of contingency plans.

Insurance Engineer